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This address book is used for sending scan files via.

Windows 7 driver for docucolor with Fiery EXP server

Internet FAX to the Fiery. You cannot use addresses in the address book to send an e-mail to the Fiery. WebTools Configure Help. When a print job is submitted via e-mail, docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 Fiery first checks the Print address book. If the users e-mail address does not match any entry in the Print address book, the job does not print.

Instead, the user receives an e-mail stating that the print job was not accepted. The default wildcard character is stored in the Print docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 book. This allows any user to print to the Fiery until the administrator adds the first entry in the Print address book.

Windows 7 driver for docucolor with Fiery EXP server

To manage address books, send an e-mail to the Fiery docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 commands in the Subject and Message fields. The Fiery responds by e-mail with information about each request, docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 described in the following table. To add or remove more than one address at a time, list the addresses on separate lines in the message field of the e-mail. Task To retrieve a specific address book Administrator subject field GetAddressBook name of address book Administrator message field E-mail response subject field Address Book name of address book E-mail response message field List of addresses in the specified address book.

For example: Address Book Admin Added to Address Book List of addresses added name of address book to the address book The Fiery also docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 any addresses that cannot be For example: added and includes the Added to Address Book reason Print Address Book name of address book cleared or If the address book is not cleared, the reason is given. E-mail response message field Deleted Address 1 Deleted Address 2 The Fiery also lists any addresses that cannot be deleted and includes the reason. The return message includes the addresses of the specified address book.

You can include nicknames. However, when a nickname or address is longer than one line, edit it to fit on one line.

Printing the Configuration page The Configuration page lists the settings in effect for the current Setup. Partner with us. All rights reserved.

DocuColor 240/250 Support & Drivers

Runtime error messages For error messages related to canceling jobs and printing, including the Disk Full message and docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 to load media, see Command WorkStation Help. Printer not found Most failures to find a printer on the network are due to conflicting or missing name or address settings for the Fiery. You must enter names in specific places. Enter the host name as the Server Name in Fiery Setup. Remote printer internal machine name. For the appropriate name, see the following table.

You can check these settings quickly by printing a Configuration page. On the client computer: The appropriate network protocols must be loaded.

Cannot connect to the Fiery with Command WorkStation If there is a problem connecting to the Fiery, an error message is displayed. The problem can occur when: The Fiery docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 initially turned on The Fiery restarts You have changed settings affecting the server address and have not reconfigured the connection to the server If you experience docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 problem, try the following solutions, in this order: A remote computer running utilities or WebTools may be interfering by obtaining status information. If possible, close the remote application, and try to connect again.

Restart the Command WorkStation software and try to connect again. Restart the Fiery.

EFI Fiery Network Controller System Software for Xerox Docucolor 240 250

D device name 38 Direct connection described 15, 16 required for downloading fonts 16 disk space 35 DNS Domain Name Server implications of changing 37 listing server name 11 Docs WebTool 16 downloading fonts, Direct connection requirement 16 Downloads WebTool E error messages 24 runtime 37 Ethernet connector 19 Ethernet Speed option 21 exiting Setup, copier touch panel C changing Administrator password 29 host name or DNS name 37 characters per inch 25 Check for product updates command 29 Clear Server command 30 client setup overview 9 WebTools 27 CMYK printing by default 24 Color Mode option docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 Command WorkStation Configuration page 35 problems connecting to server 38 Setup from 23 Configuration page printing 35 troubleshooting connection problems 38 Configure WebTool 17 connecting network cable 18 Convert Paper Sizes option 24 copier touch panel F fonts number 25 pitch 25 size 25 source 25 substitution 24 Form Length option 25 FreeForm master I Image Quality option 25 improving server performance 35 installing server on network 9 Internet, accessing server with WebTools 16, This patch will fix an issue that landscape jobs, printed from a Macintosh using InDesign CS3 will print rotated 90 degrees starting with page 2.

Caution: Install only onto Fierys with 1.

Docucolor 240-250 ps v1.2 patch is a prerequsite for most 1. Always read the installation instructions.Print Driver for DocuColor / with V of built-in EFI Fiery Controller. v Patch (1-XYPPP) for DocuColor bustled Fiery Color Server. Product downloads for DocuColor / v Patch (1-ZZJED) Composite patch for multiple issues. DescriptionCaution. This patch fixes the following.

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